• 3 Ways to Contest Your Prenuptial Agreement

    Prenuptial agreements are no longer the preserve of celebrities. Increasing numbers of couples are choosing to put a prenuptial agreement in place before they tie the knot in order to outline how assets will be shared in the event of a divorce. If you have signed a prenuptial agreement and are facing divorce, you may be wondering if it is valid. Below are 3 ways you may be able to contest a prenuptial agreement in court.
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  • Understanding who might inherit if you die young with no will

    Recent news articles have emphasised the importance of having a will drawn up if you are a young person. In many cases while younger people may not have many physical assets to their name, if injured in the workplace they can be eligible for workers compensation benefits as well as death benefits through superannuation. These benefits can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Here are some ideas of who may be eligible for you benefits if you die without a will.
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  • Legal defenses to absolve blame from drivers in the rear who are involved in car accidents

    Being involved in car accident can be a scary, but when you're the driver of a motor vehicle that rammed into another from the rear, it may be particularly distressing. Conventional wisdom dictates that the driver at the rear is always responsible, and more often than not, this will be true. However, there are a few exceptions. With the legal representation of a motor vehicle accident attorney, drivers can legally challenge this conventional wisdom in court.
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