Why You Should Hire a Conveyancer as Soon as You List Your Home

Posted on: 26 January 2017

Some homeowners may think that the best time to hire a conveyancer is when an offer to purchase their home has been received. However, it is usually better to hire the conveyancing professional as soon as you put your home up for sale. This article discusses some of the benefits of hiring the conveyancer early.

You Can Complete the Questionnaires Early

Home sellers are usually expected to provide detailed information about the property that they are selling. This information is normally provided on questionnaires that are provided by the conveyancer who is representing the seller of that property. You will have more time to fill out those questionnaires accurately if you are not in a rush to beat the deadline of completing the sale.

Ample Time for the Conveyancer's Due Diligence

Conveyancing professionals may wish to conduct a security check on home sellers in order to confirm that they are the true owners of the property that they wish to sell. Such security checks may take a few days. Hiring the conveyacer early helps you to avoid delaying the progression of the home sale process as the conveyancer is verifying your ownership of the property.

Problems with Deeds Can Be Sorted

Hiring a conveyancer early also gives you an opportunity to fix any issues that the professional may find in your title deed. For instance, the title deed may not have been registered at the land registry. The conveyancing professional that you have hired can discover such an anomaly when he or she examines those documents. He or she will then work to fix that shortcoming so that prospective buyers find all the paperwork of the house in order.

Draft Contracts Can Be Made

You can also reduce the time taken to complete the sale of your home if you hire a conveyancer early so that he or she can draft a contract of sale early. Such a contract can be given to the buyer's solicitor as soon as it has been tweaked to include any specific clauses that the buyer has insisted that the contract should include. This will save the days that would have been lost as a conveyancer starts drafting the contract once someone has expressed interest in buying the home.

As you can see, you are going to increase the likelihood of a hassle-free conveyancing process if you hire a conveyancer as early as possible after you decide to sell your home.