When You Need a Family Lawyer

Posted on: 30 July 2018

It's never recommended that you try to forego the services of a family lawyer when needed, even if you don't necessarily need a lawyer to have certain processes recognized by the courts. For example, divorces and custody arrangements can often be worked out by both parties, and the courts will file away your agreements. However, note why it's good to call a lawyer who works in family law even for supposedly simple procedures, and how such a professional can protect you and the other parties involved in your legal case.

Relocation because of abuse

If you've separated from the mother or father of your child and feel that it would be in your child's best interest to live far from that other parent, don't assume that you can just get up and move! Even if you have full custody of your child, the other parent may still have certain rights to visitation or access to that child. The other parent may also retaliate against your move by filing for custody, complicating your move and even the separation itself. Speak with a family lawyer before deciding on any relocation with your child, especially if there is abuse involved, so you know your rights will be protected.  


Before you decide to adopt a child, especially a child of a family member or someone known to you, it's good to consult with a family attorney about how this process works. You should know the rights of the surviving parent or parents and any extended family, including grandparents, and whether they would have claim to the child even after the adoption process starts. You'll also want to know what types of fees an adoption agency is allowed to charge you, as the law may set a cap on these fees to discourage child trafficking. Consulting with an attorney before you even begin such proceedings can then protect you and the children involved in such cases.

Custody issues

While some former spouses are capable of peacefully sharing custody of their children, it's still good to call a family lawyer during a divorce proceeding with children involved so that all arrangements are put in writing. You should also call a family lawyer if you want to travel out of state with your child so that the other parent cannot levy a charge of kidnapping against you! When financial questions arise, such as who would pay for a child's private school or medical expenses, this is also best left to an attorney, so your rights and the rights of your child are protected through this process.