How To Find A Lawyer For Making Your Will

Posted on: 10 October 2018

Making a will is very important, as it ensures that your children or other loved ones inherit your property without problems. However, choosing a lawyer to help with the process can be challenging. By following the tips below, you can make a good decision with ease.

Search For Convenient Lawyers 

Before you choose a lawyer to help make your will, you need to find out what's available in your area. Ask friends and family for recommendations, or search online for will lawyers in your area, paying close attention to the reviews. Choose a few lawyers who are convenient for you, in terms of their location (close to your home or office is best) and opening hours, as well as ones who specialise in wills and estates. The Guardian also suggests you may want to work with someone of a specific age, sex or cultural background, so filter your list based on these things as applicable. When you've made a shortlist of potential candidates, it's time to make contact and start asking for quotes and further details.

Think About Your Budget

Having chosen some lawyers that may be convenient, it's time to start talking about money. Some lawyers have websites where you can submit a query, while others can be called or emailed. Make sure you give a bit of detail at this stage – how many potential heirs you have, and what sort of property you own. Legalzoom explains that many lawyers will be able to offer you a free or reduced-price initial consultation, which will allow them to give you a more accurate estimate of costs. When you have quotes from a few will lawyers, choose a smaller handful to visit – ones whose fees you feel are reasonable, and who you already have a good impression of.

Visit A Few Potential Options

It's time to start visiting some lawyers, which will allow you to make a good decision. What does their office feel like? Are there other employees who will work on your case, and how professional did they seem? Were you offered a free consultation? Consider how each person made you feel – you should feel respected and listened to. Investopedia also suggests you ask them about communication, and who to contact if you have questions – if they don't seem responsive, don't be afraid to walk away. Make your final choice based on how comfortable you felt with each lawyer, what their environment was like, and how respected you felt.

By choosing some convenient choices and narrowing them down based on price and personality, you can filter out the lawyers in your area and make the best decision for making your will.