Top Tips When Hiring A Deceased Estates Lawyer

Posted on: 25 November 2020

Would you want to write a will or plan your estate? A deceased estates lawyer will help out with all aspects of estate planning. Read this guide for some tips on how to hire a deceased estates lawyer. 


The lawyer should have a valid practising licence to provide legal services in your state. It is a guarantee that the lawyer understands probate law in your territory. Besides, it is an assurance that the lawyer will abide by the legal code of conduct. You should also conduct some internet research or check the local bar association to know whether the lawyer has been accused of professional misconduct. Besides, you should contact some of the lawyer's clients to ascertain their reputation.

Services Provided

The lawyer should provide a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • They should ensure that your will meets the required legal standards. For instance, it should not have any contradictions. It should also be signed by two witnesses.
  • The lawyer should help you set up trusts for your beneficiaries. Besides, they should assist the executor with the probate process.
  • Some lawyers can help manage businesses placed under trusts. Additionally, the lawyer could help dispose of your assets and distribute proceeds to beneficiaries. 


The lawyer should educate you about the estate planning and probate process. For instance, they should identify loopholes that can encourage beneficiaries to contest the will. For example, a dependent could go to court if they are not included in the will. You can avoid this by writing an explanatory letter. The lawyer should also educate you about the probate process. For instance, what are the deadlines in your state? What would happen if the executor is not available to divide your estate? Typically, the will should have two executors. The lawyer will also educate you about estate taxes and your obligations to creditors. The professional should also help you amend your will as you acquire new assets. 


Estate planning can be a long process. As such, most lawyers will charge per hour. If you want a fixed fee, the lawyer will charge a percentage of the estate. Inquire about any extra or additional costs you will incur. Negotiate the lawyer's fee by pitting him or her against a lawyer charging less. Most lawyers will be ready to give discounts to serious and long term customers. 

When choosing a deceased estates lawyer, examine their licencing, services provided, professionalism and pricing.