Reasons To Hire A Lawyer When Applying For Your Visa

Posted on: 20 July 2022

Do you need a lawyer when making a visa application? Although not compulsory, a lawyer's input can significantly improve the chances of positive feedback from the immigration department. Below are the reasons to hire an immigration lawyer as you apply for your visa.


Visa eligibility can be quite confusing since regulations change regularly. For instance, while you could meet all the listed requirements, you might need to undergo additional assessments if you have a child. On the other hand, your country could be on a travel red list due to the COVID pandemic. An immigration lawyer understands the changing visa eligibility criteria. Consequently, they assess your situation and advice on the possibility of a successful application. Sometimes, the lawyer could advise you to apply for one visa as you pursue the other. For instance, if you intend to apply for a partner visa, the lawyer could ask you to apply for a visitor visa to prove that you are willing to settle in the country with your spouse. 


The visa application process can be pretty tedious. You will be asked to upload different documents to prove that you qualify for the visa. There is a probability that you could unknowingly upload the wrong documents. In some cases, you will come across confusing legal terminology. It predisposes you to contradict yourself or give unclear information. Your immigration lawyer understands the documents and details needed to apply for the various visa classes. As such, they inform you of the documents required and guide you through the application process. For instance, they show you how to structure statements to prevent contradiction. 

Visa Interviews 

There is a likelihood that you will be required to attend an interview before receiving the visa. During the interview, the case officer reviews the provided information and asks you to clarify some facts. Moreover, they could ask for information that was not included in the visa application. You have a right to legal representation and advice during the interview. Your lawyer will not answer questions on your behalf; however, they will clarify the questions asked to prevent the probability of self-contradiction. Besides, the lawyer can ask you not to reply to questions if they feel the case officer has gone overboard. 

An immigration lawyer will help assess your visa eligibility, assist you in making the application, and offer legal advice during interviews. As a best practice, vet the lawyer to establish their experience, ratings, and credibility in providing immigration services. Contact an immigration lawyer for Visa services today.